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could you pass this test?

Australia‘s dementia week ended yesterday, but I forgot. No,don’t laugh I really did. Today I was talking with a friend with a parent who underwent a basic questionnaire style early dementia test last week. Or maybe it was the one … Continue reading

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Their Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules Final Queensland shows the way personally I prefer Masterchef but this program had some highlights. I think the real star of the whole show was Mossy from NSW. An amazing man, with great compassion and ability to … Continue reading

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QLD Cyclone Prep

EMQ urges cyclone preparation, South East 03/17/2010 (read more here)

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rain rain DON”T go away

rain – yayyyy

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winding down

Kuranda village in the rainforrest

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Atherton Tableands: Part one.

now that I have returned to civilization here are a few pictures from my travels so far. smooth drive gracious building – Atherton car window sticker up on the tablelands. irrigation at work this long line of cows was on … Continue reading

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dust hits Brisbane big time

A DUST storm that smothered New South Wales and southern Queensland pushed air pollution levels to 1500 times their normal levels – the highest on record. Towns across far west NSW were yesterday hit with strong winds and low visibility, … Continue reading

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