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6 clues to choosing an iphone plan or cap

a little back ground first. I wanted to change, as in  lower the Plan I have for my iPhone(3) I have noticed I have huge amounts of everything left at the end of the month & so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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{Wed TED}

3 powerful lessons – even more powerful given the time that has passed since this speech was delivered. watch & listen H E R E CEO and co-founder of Apple and Pixar,creator of the iphone and ipod: biog.

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iphone test

I have downloaded the new wordpress iPhone app. Now I want to see if it works. By the way no tears today.

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iphone covers get groovy

After reading Ken’s Thoughts (post: Sep 23, 2009) about iphone covers.  I was out with a friend an we both put our iphones down on a table. When we collected them we had some trouble working out which was which. I … Continue reading

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wordpressing by iphone

seems i have a thing or 2 t learn. i say stephen, how do i….? while I learn check these out: the view from Tuesday’s lunch table sign by our table how long until she says take that off your … Continue reading

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Iphoning wordpress

Once I figured out my username I managed to log in and now have all this set up. Watched the great Akira Kuosawa’s ‘Rashomon’, this afternoon. The man was inspiration for Messers Lukas & Speilberg. Along the way I found … Continue reading

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iPhone, you-phone, we all phone (but not the cat)

while I had the flu ( it was day 3) my new toy arrived – amazing what pre registering your interest gets you someone! was not at all impressed. well I was & remain so, increasingly. Last night  (day 6 … Continue reading

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