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could you pass this test?

Australia‘s dementia week ended yesterday, but I forgot. No,don’t laugh I really did. Today I was talking with a friend with a parent who underwent a basic questionnaire style early dementia test last week. Or maybe it was the one … Continue reading

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moasic monday by the sea

M O N D A Y   M O S A I C see more MMs here beach side art currumbin gold coast australia check out the milestone I reached Related Articles General information about the Gold Coast and why it’s … Continue reading

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I’ve been tagged too

I’ve been tagged by The Full o’ Flair Jessi to participate in a fun little game to help get to know your fellow bloggers. She answered questions about herself and then tagged 3 more people to answer them…… I was one … Continue reading

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Australian Election result via Twitter

I sat in the shade of this tree by the sea & read along on twitter as the election 2010 results unfolded. join twitter here These are some of the best tweets I saw: The Press Conference began at 3pm … Continue reading

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Australia’s political limbo almost over

(there is an image can you see it?) THEIR time is up – Australia has waited 17 days for a new government and this afternoon a decision will finally be made public. The three Independents – Bob Katter (center) , … Continue reading

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vBlog: the arrival of Wednesday

I decided to see if I could share dawn with you all (this was an experiement) these are the views of the arrival of Wednesday 18th August 2010 my voice is raspy due to 9 weeks of flu-coughing 5:30am pre-dawn … Continue reading

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Life without borders

Here in Australia we live without borders. I am in Queensland. East of me is the Pacific Ocean. South is another Australian State, New South Wales (NSW) North is the Torres Strait I grew up in New Zealand where there … Continue reading

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