weekend cooking post

I ate regualr healthy meals on the weekend but only snaptured this. I used 5 star heart-smart mince (hamburger), low fat cheese, and fresh salad. Thats extra melted cheese on top of the meat. (scroll down)

I found these great books

h e r e

h e r e

and this fantastic blog

other weekend cooks here

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Monday Morning Mosiac

it started with this:

I bought a grain grinder (left rear above) to grind wheat to make bread, and I needed to attach it to something. Enter The Island. The right side of which is a breakfast bar. I needed 3 stools. Finally found what I wanted, so here is the building process. I’m stuck now as I’m not strong enough to assemble them. So there they sit waiting for a strong visitor…hopefully this week.

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c h r i s t m a s ?

photo by me

(I just wanted to use it)

check how many days

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more hunters here

n a t u r a l

wheat I grind to make bread. Herbs I grow to cook with.

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Roses are red…

& orange, & pink, & cream…I walked passed these on Day 1 of my walking program. I went back to snapture these images.

A life lesson: Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

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Having Headaches?

we are right in the middle of Australia’s Headache & Migraine Week.

(19th – 25th Sept 2010)

Do you suffer headaces?Migraine?

Every day?All day?

How about the ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndromeheadache?

Cluster headaches? Cough, eyestrain? There is a long list to check out

Headache Types
Sign up for the Registry while you are there.

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australian surfers go gold

more statues from the beach display. Yes we have Kangaroos & Koalas etc but we tend to think of our surf lifesaving members as truely Aussie. Iconic

patrol cap

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