if a link doesn’t work, please say so in a comment. Nicely.thanks

these are not in any particular order.


Intrepid Reader


Go East

Cape Cod

Mama Thrift & Mama Quote


Sweet Paul

Paris Breakfasts

The Redhead Riter



Paris through Eric’s eyes

Bon Scrapatiti

This Girl Loves to Talk

London Daily Photo

In a Soft Light (so beautiful)

Motherhood Matters

Little Red House

Ikea Hacker

Smiling Sally

a belle a bean & a chicago dog

the home of photohunter

show my face

Hooked on Houses

The Inspired Room

Shabby Chic ( yes, Rachel Ashwell)

Preparedness Pro

Rani’s amazing cakes


MaiTai’s Picture Book

2 Responses to BlogRoll

  1. leonie says:

    This is brilliant Jane, I love it. Just went to ikea hackers, cant wait to have a look at some of the other links, etc. Congratulations you clever girl.

    • Jane says:

      Hey Leonie
      thanks for visiting me, I have some more blogs to link. I have taken a great jump in my thinking goals.
      see you soon.

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