6 clues to choosing an iphone plan or cap

a little back ground first.

I wanted to change, as in  lower the Plan I have for my iPhone(3)

I have noticed I have huge amounts of everything left at the end of the month & so I thought I’d keep a little more of my money in my pocket.

Fair enough? You’d think so wouldn’t you?

I went to the website & read all the Plan & Cap details. (this can require the focus & attention used for writing a university paper)

No one so far can explain why a Cap is a Cap (especially when it is unlimited – what’s capped? If you know please tell me.) or a Plan is a Plan.

I thought I had it all figured out, but to be sure I rang & talked it through with a person I trust. Ok. The change takes place on 1st October. However at 3am this morning (30th Sept) I woke in fright.

I called to recheck a few things.I called the provider.

This is what I learned:

1. a $79 Cap is not $79 it’s $84 . Why? Because when you select this Cap there will be a $5 extra fee, as it is not a Cap designed for your phone.

1A there will be a sizeable fee for the privilege of changing your Cap/Plan between contract times. I evoked the I have been with you guys for 6+ years & it was waved.

2. If you select the $79/$84 Cap with said fee you will pay the $5 fee no matter what other changes you might make for the duration of you contract. Bad luck if you have 18 months to go.

3. 24 month contracts are not forever. When you get to the end of a 24 month contract you can in fact change to a 12 month contract.

4. If you call the main Call Center number – by the way this now costs 30cents unlimited time, rather than the 15 it used to cost. Did they tell us about the increase? I didn’t get the message if they did – you can be transferred through to whatever department you need, still for the 30 cents.

5. Calls to 1300 or 1800 numbers are not free from a mobile. Unless they are covered in your Cap/Plan they will be charged at 40cents per 30 seconds & a 40cent flag fall. Nice little money-spinner for them huh?

6. If you have your iPhone set to roaming (its default) then it will automatically search for the strongest signal, & if this is not your provider, again it’s your bad luck. The fees for the time will take  your account to shock level.  I was shown how in settings I could deselect roaming & so now my phone only connects to my server, so no more account shocks. I have never not had service.Depends where you are.

my provider is 3

Generally I have had a good relationship with them, & few troubles.

However the bottom line is that whoever your contract is with, they are a business, they are not there or you. You are there for them. They want your money. And they will get it. So read carefully, read the very small print, check all the * & + additions that are indicated. Ask questions. Lots of them. Then run it by someone else. Then think on it. Then be very very careful.

And by the way when overseas if you have your phone on roaming don’t assume you will have reception. Because largely you will not.

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