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Australia‘s dementia week ended yesterday, but I forgot. No,don’t laugh I really did.

Today I was talking with a friend with a parent who underwent a basic questionnaire style early dementia test last week. Or maybe it was the one before.

There were 10 questions & the parent answered 3 correctly. Amongst the ones not answered incorrectly were what day is it? Now this person lives alone. There are no pointers to the day – all the days are the same. All the shops are open everyday, there is no school near by etc. The regular social clues are missing.

My friend said she would find it hard to tell what day it is. Having children in the home means you never get to forget.

We then decided to consider other questions – that would mean anyone in Australia would fail.(answers below)

1. Which political party in Australia has the majority?

2. Who won the 2010 Grand Final? (let alone what is the date of the game)

3. Who is the speaker of the House? (a Governmental/political position)

4. If you book a flight from Brisbane to Hamilton Island where will you land? (another friend recently took this flight with Jetstar & landed back in Brisbane due to the weather – why did they take off given the weather was bad before departure time? She left her home at 7am & arrived back at 7pm same day. )

5. If you book a ticket with Virgin Blue will you get a flight or just a motel room?

6. Explain the Clem 7

7. As a Queenslander why are you being invited to buy shares in QRail, which as a resident of the State you already own?

see how hard it is to prove you are normal?

But really it is a serious issue.

I saw an advertisement:

forgetting your daughter’s name is normal.

forgetting you have a daughter is not

more information here


1. it’s a knife-edge situation. 2. No one so far. It was a draw 68/68 the rules mean it has to be replayed. It is always played on the last Saturday in September. Weddings etc planned for the Saturday after are now under pressure. 3. Speaker of the house – who knows?: stand by. 4. It depends on the weather. Take out rain insurance when you book. 5. Their IT system crashed stranding thousands of travellers. 6. That’s the tunnel under the Brisbane River. A financial lemon. Hardly anyone uses it due to the toll. 7. It’s the policy of the current state Government that they forgot to mention before the last election: they are selling off all the states assets. Even though the GEC is over, & down here we are well on the road to recovery.

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