The Declutter Bug

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Peter Walsh (International Organiser) was on TV here yesterday.

He gave a couple of good clues about how to start to declutter.

Take 2 bags, (supermarket bags)fill one with stuff for the garbage, & the 2nd with things to give away – that is stuff to good to toss out, but that you don’t need. Give it to a Charity shop/Op shop whatever you call them where you are.

Then he went on to say we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So turn all  your hangers one way for the gear you don’t often wear. Make sure the regular stuff hangers face the opposite way. If you wear someting turn the hanger to match the regular wearings. SIX months later you will be able to see what you wear and what you dont.

Bag up the not worn & get rid of it.

Personal Report:

In the last few days I cleared the bedroom of all the stuff/junk from the 2 months of the flu. Hey look carpet! I also sorted & cleared the paper work that had gathered. What happened to the paperless society we were promised?

I also peered into the utensil/gadget draw in the kitchen & wondered.


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One Response to The Declutter Bug

  1. Maryline says:

    Nice job Jane! The link worked just fine, I was able to travel all the way to you in a matter of seconds!
    What’s funny is that my girlfriend had given me the exact same tip regarding hanging the hangers in the opposite direction, so smart!
    I get rid of stuff every day. Today I totally cleaned my paperwork at the office, and it felt so good leaving with a trash full of garbage and a desk clear of clutter!
    And now I also think really hard before buying anything. It’s working wonders!
    Keep up the good work and see you next Tuesday — if not before!

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