Reflecting Upon Junior Masterchef

The 1st episode of Junior Masterchef grabbed all the viewers it peaked at 2.6 million.

Considering the finale of MasterChef Australia broke all records earlier this year, with an audience of 3.96 million for the finale, the 2.6million is amazing. To say the least.

Reviewed in the Business Section of the Wall Street Journal and Melbourne’s herald sun.

…and Fiona, remember her?

This was good to read:

The program was immaculately planned with producers working with health and safety experts, child psychologists, chaperones, timekeepers and the NSW Commission for Children and Young People.

Safety platforms were built so the kids could reach the benchtops, the gas stoves were replaced with induction cooktops, and brightly coloured safety knives were the tools of choice.

So it’s good to see that the duty of care is being met.  Yes, Monday produced all the ‘experts’ who condemned the show.

For myself, I think that where there is a passion, & an opportunity to develop it, share it &  improve it arises then it is worthwhile taking that opportunity. Does it matter that you are a child? Certainly if you are a very young child., say under 8.  I don’t agree with baby shows/child beauty pageants  which seem to have nothing to do with anything of substance, to me. However, cooking & therefore Junior Masterchef does not seem to fall into that category. I like the way it is set up, with the parents present & all the efforts that have been taken to adapt the situation to the younger contestants.And my goodness, those children are talented. What fortunate mums & dads they have. And how lucky are we to be able to peep over their shoulders in order to learn & be inspired.

Out there in reality-land where you are, the show is causing positive responses.

Bronnie from Junior Masterchef the blog is keen for her children to watch the show, and the want to view it. However in this day of high tekkie entertainment systems unless you have the top of the range ‘taping’ is now a thing of the past.  Bronnie’s children & yours can however watch a missed episode ONLINE.

I know of other mother’s keen to have their children watch; hopefully to learn some cooking skills.  Non cooking mother’s are hopeful a passion will ignite…and save the family.

‘It was originally thought Ten would run just one episode of Junior MasterChef each week. The show will be rested during Ten’s coverage of the Commonwealth Games, but when it returns it will be on three nights a week – Sunday, Monday and Friday.’

School holidays start Friday 17th September (QLD) The Games commence 29th September, & Schools starts up again 4th October (QLD) so there is some time to watch the episodes you have missed, or re watch & let your children practice.

I would hazard a guess there will be adults & teens who will try the Junior recipes.Why not. Go for it. Feel free to share your results here

I have deliberately chosen not to post any images of the children from the show.

Did you watch? Did your kids? Will you be cooking along with the Junior Masterchefs?


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One Response to Reflecting Upon Junior Masterchef

  1. Marg says:

    I was pretty happy that my boy can cook a few things – enough for him to get by. After watching Sunday’s episode I am feeling like we are actually a bit inadequate LOL!

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