Australia’s political limbo almost over

(there is an image can you see it?)

THEIR time is up – Australia has waited 17 days for a new government and this afternoon a decision will finally be made public.

The three Independents – Bob Katter (center) , Rob Oakeshott (left)  and Tony Windsor (right) – are holding a final meeting this morning with an announcement tipped for just after lunchtime.  A press conference has been scheduled for 2pm AEST

The Gillard Government went into caretaker mode on July 17, the day the federal election campaign was called.

While it may not seem that the political limbo in Canberra is having much of an effect on everyday life, there are some ways it is having an impact: these are well worth reading

patients with bowel cancer and those at risk of acute myeloid leukemia are waiting for a government to be formed so it can rubber stamp an expert government committee’s recommendation it subsidise two new high-cost drugs – the $20,000-a-year Erbitux and $40,000-a-year Vidaza;

– a national equal pay case for 200,000 social workers has been affected;

– a new pipeline to improve water supply water to Canberra, which is still facing water restrictions, is on hold waiting approval from the environment minister;

– negotiations over a new offshore refugee processing centre in either East Timor or Nauru can’t take place during the caretaker period, while more boatloads of asylum seekers arrive;

– retail figures show Australians are delaying purchases on big-ticket items such as whitegoods and furniture, a delay which retail groups believe is so consumers can ascertain which policy direction a new government will take.

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