Australian Election result via Twitter

I sat in the shade of this tree by the sea & read along on twitter as the election 2010 results unfolded.

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These are some of the best tweets I saw:

The Press Conference began at 3pm the following occurred as the clock ticked through to about 3:35pm

No sign of Windsor. For crying in a bucket. *head explodes*

Enough already ANNOUNCE IT!!!

Therese_Rein “watching” Presser on Twitter from London. Thank you

This is like a really bad wedding speech. Hurry Up!!!!!

Odds are… We’re about to find out LABOR REMAINS IN POWER … Oakeshott about to speak <= If Tony ever wraps it up.

@bolshymum Tony Windsor obviously isn’t doing the school run today…

@stephjcrawf Am I going to hear Oakeshott’s announcement before school pick up??

Did the school run, got the Maccas ice creams now waiting, waiting, waiting…

mr11 arrives home just in time to watch final decision. he has followed with more interest than others in my family!

Come on I’ve gotta get the kids from school

Where’s that orchestra they have at the Oscars?

Another election would have been quicker

Omg I’m sitting on the side of the hway with a tiny transistor radio which will die any second. Just. Say. It.

Am waiting for the #masterchef fireball!!!

Why is it that politicians have to ruin things by speaking?

There are going to be alot of kids hanging around school gates at 3.30pm

Oakeshott’s forgotten the question and is about to toast the bride & groom.


@TracyGrimshaw Just ducked out to read War and Peace. Has Oakeshott announced yet?

Fidel Castro gives shorter speeches than these.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the outcome, Australia. Really. Don’t. It’d be dangerous.

Makes Katter seem mute.


I feel sorry for Oakeshotts kids. Must be a form of child abuse at that dinner table.

My 12yo is screaming OH MY GOD! at the tv. She is waiting for me to make a toasted sandwich.

Oakeshott’s future career as a hostage negotiator that bores terrorists to sleep is assured.

Won’t need a decision. By the time he finishes it will be time for the next election.


ok, my brother has driven to my house from orange in the time this speech is taking. remarkable.

This is like getting a lecture from your parents. You lost me at Hello.

LaurieOakes The way Oakeshott is going we could be here for another fortnight.

And the children of Australia go hungry for their after-school snacks while Mr Oakeshott goes on. And on. And on.

LaurieOakes It’s Labor.Official.At last.

We have a government. I can pee now 🙂

So what happened to the four-minute rule, Oakeshott?

Hmmm.. Barbra Streisand comes on with Send in the Clowns straight after the announcement, coincidence?


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One Response to Australian Election result via Twitter

  1. Wendy says:

    LOL I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking “Get on with it already!!” I was late picking my kids up from school but STILL made it home before he FINALLY announced who he chose to go with. Will be an interesting government that’s for sure.

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