Serendipity & Victoria

A couple of months ago I decided to purchase a Kitchen Island. These are the before & after picture. Yes, it is a small kitchen.

One side is designed to be a breakfast bar & so I have been on the outlook for 2 or 3 stools.

Last Friday at about 4:20pm I felt to go & look at a local Antique Center.

There I found some stool sets, however they were all the wrong height. I worked my way up & down the aisles making sure I hadn’t missed corner.  I turned & saw this:

then for some reason I turned around to look behind me & I found 12 more copies. This week I will organise all the copies I have, to see which ones I still need for my

Victoria magazine collection. I am collecting from the original publications when

Nancy Lindemeyer

was editor – I keep them all here

Mean time I still need 3 stools.

What serendipitous finds have you made?


I won! I was so surprised….


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