Spring & TED

Dan Cobley is a marketing director at Google, where he connects customers and businesses, helping both navigate digital space to find what they need

Don’t be put of by the physics terms if they are unfamiliar to you…hang in, it gets exciting.

To celebrate the 1st day of spring I had lunch in the park & thought about this TED presentation. Here are my thoughts..

I was really struck by some of the concepts in this presentation & how they can be applied to family life.  Teenagers certainly understand the idea of brands; in fact pre-teens may also grasp this easily.

If presented to the family, that as a family we are a Brand, lets say The Lyon* Family. As off shoots to that main brand there are the Mary Lyon, John Lyon, Suzie Lyon, Timmy & Tilly Lyon Brands. The standards & policies the  people in the Lyon family agree to, create the ethics of their Brand.  And the energy of the brand. The individual brands are separate, yet hopefully they will echo the family values. However, we can see that if Suzie Lyon decided to  make bad choices, & make them over & over pretty soon her Brand is going to lose value. Just as Dan Cobley demonstrates with Toyota, Tiger Woods etc. So if Suzie has devalued her brand power by becoming untrustworthy then it stands to reason people will not trust Brand-Suzie so much. In time her weaker Brand may cause the Lyon Family Brand to be of lesser value.

*Names chosen at random.

Lets look at some real life examples: Paris Hilton,. Pre this Paris (the socialite party girl) the Hilton name was a stong brand.  When we heard Hilton we thought of Hotels, good hotels, or a guy married to Elizabeth Taylor. Now we think of what the Paris Hilton Brand presents to us: vanity, shallowness, & over indulgence. She has already been to jail, & found it traumatic. Yet a few weeks ago in South Africa she was arrested for possessing drugs. Yes she got off…it wasn’t her bag.

2:22/ the bigger a brand the more difficult it is to reposition it. Not impossible but difficult.

Think of Robert Downey Junior….Nicole Ritchie/add your own examples.

4:33 One contrary data point can blow your theory….you can invest in a brand for a long time but a single event..Now Paris has been arrested again (so she is beyond a single negative) The drugs fell out of her bag, and again, the bag was not hers. (this is her claim) However, the Brand Paris Hilton is not now perceived as a Brand of honesty, honour & integrity. So what happens? We don’t believe what she said, we don’t believe she is innocent of the charge. And we are sick of hearing about her misbehaviour.

Contrast Paris with her previous best friend, Nicole Ritchie. She also danced her brand around the world & into jail.  Apparently she learnt from the experience. Now she is married, has children & is involved in charity work. We rarely hear of her.

In November 2007, Richie created “The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation”.In May 2008, Richie and Madden shot a UNICEF public-service announcement to generate aid for the cyclone-devastated Myanmar.In February 2010 Nicole Richie and partner opened a playground in Los Angeles to encourage children to get outside and play. The project was funded by the Richie-Madden foundation. source Wikipedia

Would you buy Brand Paris or Brand Nicole?

So the message is take care of your brand. This means take care of your name, your family name. Your brand. You will need it in the future.

I wonder how this contemporary attitude to brand might help a teen make better choices? Do you agree? How might you apply it?


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2 Responses to Spring & TED

  1. Annieb25 says:

    I loved it too. Does make a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. x

  2. Jessi says:

    I love this perspective on personal branding. It makes so much sense I’m slapping my own forehead.


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