monday mosaic reds

view other little red house mosaics

sorry I’m late computer issues for 12 hours. I was looking for blue china etc none to be seen


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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8 Responses to monday mosaic reds

  1. Really like your blog. I love the notebook landing page with all links to all the different components to you. It’s great!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Caroline, my son designed the notebook for me – isnt he clever. Thanks for coming for a visit – hope you get back this way

  2. Hi, Wonderful mosaic and photos! Hope you have a lovely new week!

  3. ingmarie we says:

    What a colourful mosaic ! Love it. Have a nice day!

  4. Nice! I love the one in the upper right – I’ve been wanting a tagine!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Melissa, even though it doesnt look like it that Tagine is a mini one maybe a hand span high. Cute eh? thanks for dropping by….it all helps

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