I can find it…

if it exists online.

That’s what I say. Here is why…

The 1st time I found this to be true was about 7 or 8 years ago I was asked to find a

free online Marc.

I searched through 54 pages of the Google results and found one.

I found that I was patient & consistant enough to do this.

Requests came in.  I became even more resourceful.

When I was home raising children, I kept informed. When I was home pre & post surgical I became

computer literate. I kept well informed.

About 4/5 years ago I took up Blogging. I started writing the book I always wanted to write.

I loved/love the research.

The requests kept coming: find this, locate that; check me in, find a flight

I need a…is there such a thing as?

I became many people’s PA, but in reality I was what is now called a VA (Virtual Assistant)

I don’t collect drycleaning, supplies or cupcakes for business meetings.

I found what was needed, booked, organised & co-ordinated.  I was kept fairly busy.

I began to read Blogs, this was part of being informed.

One day, during a  discussion regarding online security a particular blog was chosen as an example.

I happened to have emailed the Blogger a couple of times so I was known.

However I had no other information than was on the blog.

2 of us put together all the info gathered from the blog.

I emailed the blogger giving assurance that I was not some weird stalked but wanting to prove a point.

I received approval (I am confident they were confident I wouldn’t be able to find them)

About an hour later I sent an email asking do you live at this address?

I was correct. We have become friends

Thus, when I say if it is online I can find it, mostly I can.

I quickly embraced Twitter,

I Facebook.

Social Media is a powerful tool.


About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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6 Responses to I can find it…

  1. Maureen says:

    Great post, Jane! Information really are just as far as the tip of our fingers these days 😀

  2. Paying a return visit, I LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by mine, glad you did so I could discover you. And I share those six words too!

  3. This is a great post! Information is available to all, if we make outselves aware of where and how to find it. Nothing exasperates me more than people who do not GOOGLE!

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