so about last night

I went to bed feeling ok-ish. I read awhile then fell asleep.

so far so good

just before 3am (I didn’t even have to look at the clock as it is always then, but I did look) I woke

in the strangest circumstances.

I had a migraine.

But what woke me was not the pain of the thing.

What woke me was the complex thought patterns I was entered into.

It was like another part of my brain nudged me away whispering you are thinking weird stuff.

But you know what? It wasn’t weird stuff, it was fanatastic.

It was clear concise, innovative & creative.

It made sense,  & I knew if it could be explained to someone with graphic skills, & then

posted onto my blog.

My blog would go viral.

The world would be changed forever.

It was earth shattering world important information, & insight.

I took my medication, lay back down & memorised all that was required.

By 6:40 am I had no idea what it was all about.

None, zilch, zippo. Nothing.

I have a visual of a vague graphic in my head: it means nothing,

and a not so good post migraine-medication day has been mine.

…maybe next time.

* I reply to every comment, but apparently you have to check something to recieve. Or you don’t get them. Or you can come back here and look? Sorry just trying to sort this out now.

** I have checked an unchecked box and hope this helps.


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20 Responses to so about last night

  1. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Arrgh! That stinks when that happens! I’ve learned to keep a notebook handy.

    Visiting from 31dbbb.

  2. Maryline says:

    Nirvana Mama is right. Watch what happens today… Your brilliant idea has gone beyond expectations!

    By the way? Always keep a notepad and pen close to you, even on your bed side table. It’s helped me a lot.

    There is of course the possibility that this world-changing post was a dream? Just in case I will now be coming here every day.

    I want to help you change the world 🙂

  3. This happens to me all the time! lol

    I have posted here before, earlier in the challenge – didn’t know you responded to them, so I will go back and check that out. Thanks for putting that note there! Hope you didn’t feel ignored!!

    • Jane says:

      Well I am glad I put the note, if you are good enough to visit and comment then I like to respond. Thanks for coming back.

      • Boy, you’re speedy! You know, I looked back and don’t see any – I think I talked with you on twitter a bit. I have lost track! lol I did visit here – because I remember I like how your comments reply to comments. I don’t think I can get mine to do that on blogspot. Or at least I haven’t figured it out yet!

        • Jane says:

          I used to use blogspot, but struggled with the limitations, and now I want to upgrade to, but I amtaking my time to think it through
          ok really off to bed now

  4. I once woke up in the middle of the night and came up with a way to fix the recession we had to have.. I was 12 at the time and when I woke at the designated time to go to school and couldn’t remember a thing.

    I’m convinced to this day that I would have been an economic genius, but alas…

    Are you using WordPress? You can install a plugin called ‘WordPress Thread Comment’ that allows you to reply to comment, nest the replies and it’ll send an email to let people know that you’ve replied. (I use it on my site)

    • Jane says:

      you could have been Peter Costello but better hahah and just 12…
      hey has this reply arived in your email? can you twitter me yes o no?

      • I was thinking more along the lines of Paul Keating…

        I didn’t get an email to say you’d responded. The nesting comments is heaps better to follow though.

        Have you thought about moving to self hosted WP. It has some great benefits when it comes to analytics, optimising your blog and being more responsive to your blogging needs.

        There’s a person on twitter at the moment who’s writing a series on how to move to self hosted WP, I’ll see if I can retweet you the details when we get home.

        • Jane says:

          yes have been thinking for a while. Have questions. So yes retweet woould be good, hope the rain crazy drivers go away.

  5. Nicola says:

    Ah – how many times has this happened to me!!! Usually I have forgotten even by the time I sit up to write it down. I absolutely love the design on your front page. Absolutely beautful! x

    • Jane says:

      The blog is just a template from the range. I started working on it before I even heard of 31DBBB…I liked the clean elegance.

  6. jen says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Don’t you just hate it when your *brilliance* goes away by dawn’s early light??

    That sucks and I’m sorry. However, PERHAPS the big blog-post-that-will-touch-everyone-who-reads-it-and-go-viral is this one??? Because we can all identify? Let’s hope so anyway – fingers crossed for you 🙂


  7. Erin says:

    Funny how things work. You will be getting LOTS of comments tomorrow. You just went viral 31DBBB style. Enjoy!

  8. I’m glad to know migraines are good for something! Tape recorder by the bed perhaps, to capture those ideas? 😉

    Love the tabs on your homepage. Gorgeous!

    • Jane says:

      …at the very least a note pad and pen! Talk about a missed opportunity. I have in the past remembered things and they have been quite good.
      Home page? do you mean my domain janezworld. com? My son made that for me. I wil tell him. thanks

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