it’s all in my head

w o r d s   words words words word words words

they were swirling in my head today

as the pain mediction of last weekend leaves my system

(I get migraines from -extreme- repetitive sound: especially words)

for today I stayed off-line, left the radio off, no TV, no iPhoning, total zilch

nothing with words.

I put some classical music on to try & break free of the blog posts, twitters & WIP text forming in my head.

I went back to bed, sank back & sought to visulise this

I love the albatross, & along with the aforementioned classical music this ought to have bought on serenity


the image that formed in my mind

was this



About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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3 Responses to it’s all in my head

  1. I am so sorry you are not well! I am currently also going through illness and know the feeling. Please know my prayers and well wishes are with you. What an insightful post!

    • Jane says:

      GGW…right back at you. Thanks for the visit. Did oyu subscribe? I must hop over and subscribe to your blog. *New Policy I decided upon.

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