sweet supurb strawberries

it is strawberry season here


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16 Responses to sweet supurb strawberries

  1. Beth F says:

    Oh wow — Yummmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness. What a fab photo, they look divine!

    • Jane says:

      and they were fabulous to eat. Love strawberries anytime. YOur Crumbly Chicken & Vegetable Pie looks great I’m writing down the recipe.

  3. Suzie says:

    Can’t believe how good that looks. My mouth is watering just looking at it.

  4. How friggin awesome does that look!

    I love the curl of the cream!

    The pattern on the bowl is cute, I love it!

  5. Lyn Meiklejohn says:

    Totally decadent.
    Makes you realise why Masterchef has done so well –
    Good healthy food, colour texture perfect
    I’ll be right over

  6. a-m says:

    Oh my, now that is a photo! Aren’t they the best! We saw the most spectacular ones at the Ekka yesterday….and ate our body weight of them! A-M xx

    • Jane says:

      Entertaining myself while recovering. Strawberries are so wonderful in mid winter, gives us hope I think. Thaks for visiting.

  7. Marsha Markham says:

    This looks lovely…what time is tea? What is that over the top of the berries…looks thicker than regular whipped cream.
    Our blackberry season is just beginning. Jim and I are still harvesting our blueberries but it’s getting near the end of them. We put them on cookie trays and pop them in the freezer, then store them in containers to eat all year long.
    I have a recipe for a tart that uses a variety of berries
    on the top…

    • Jane says:

      Hi Marsha, it is cream, from a box. A long life box. You clip off the corner and squeeze, it comes out like that: makes good photogrpahy.
      I like the sound of that tart recipe, can you send it?

  8. its a sign that summer approaches…yum

  9. Erica says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! That looks SO good!

    • Jane says:

      and they were. Based on your comment I took another look, and then made the image my desktop. Yumo! Hope you get back over this way again soon
      on my way to visit you…

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