Unfolding Friendship

Irene S. Levine, PhD writes ‘In 1935, the US Congress proclaimed the first Sunday in August each year as Friendship Day. Unlike Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, holidays that have become highly commercialized, there are no expectations of gifts, cards, flowers, or for this holiday. Most people probably haven’t heard of it, so if you choose you can act as if it is just another Sunday. On the other hand, you can decide to set aside time to celebrate the friendships that enrich your life.’  GOOD to know for next year, right?

The erudite, & ginger-tea-drinking  Annie, writes in her post The Warm Blanket of Friendship

of her childhood friendship with Kim.

Then she tells us about Jill who has filled that role for 14 years.

Annie writes ‘She was there when I left my marriage.  She was there for all my ups and downs.  Her friendship has never wavered.  She is always the voice of reason.  She’s not one to say what I want to hear to make me happy.  She’s tells it as it is.’

Perhaps you have this kind of friend in your life? You are lucky if you do.

Perhaps you don’t have such a friend but yearn for this.

Oprah & Gayle* talk everyday. So it’s ok – well, we don’t need their example or permission do we?

Take away the money & the power & and you will find women like us; women that dream, struggle, laugh cry etc.

Women that need to talk to one another, that get what the need from talking to one another.

Having a woman as a close friend is a great thing. Especially if you  are another woman. (we will get to the male/female friendship thing in a couple of days: did I mention I have a Post Schedule Calendar now…gotta love 31DBBB

Marie Osmond, in her frank & revelatory book on depression commented ‘woman are the best nurtures or women’.

Thus we see having a girlfriend, a close female confidante, an almost-a-sister makes a difference.

Could we say it is an essential?

But what if you don’t have this special someone?

Can you find that certain someone to share the good the bad and the angst with?

Someone to shop with eat with but not sleep with?

Over at the Friendship Blog Irene S. Levine, PhD  posts about  a new service Rent a Friend (yes really)

At Psychology Today Irene shares with us the story of Rachel Bertsche who moved from New York to Chicago with her husband-to-be, leaving behind her friends, her job and a city she knew and loved and has been trying to find a special friend.’

Rachel wrote a letter including this ‘My BFFs live all over the country, but not here. I want someone local to have playdates with…someone with whom I can call on at the last-minute because I just feel like doing something fun, someone who will invite me for a walk spontaneously because the sun is (finally!) out, someone with whom I’ll share fits of laughter over absolutely nothing. You know, like Thelma and Louise. Lucy and Ethel. Oprah and Gayle!* (remember I mentioned them earlier?)

She talks about the process she undertook to solve this problem. Sure go read it but don’t forget to come back.

Links her @ Number 8 open to new tabs/pages so you won’t loose your place here…

Rachel ends her letter:

Do you think I’m asking too much? Is the one (or two) BFF-fits-all model outdated once we’ve grown up? The idea that I might be too old for BFFs is so sad… but maybe that’s my inner Peter Pan talking. Do you believe in best friends forever?

Part 2 coming soon


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5 Responses to Unfolding Friendship

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  2. Jessi says:

    Another wonderful post, Lady. Friends ARE important. They make life fuller and when the chips are down, much easier to bear.

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Jessi…Ihave saved reading your new one until the conference I could not attend is over, about an hour or so to go.
      Hope you get a good sleep.

  3. Annieb25 says:

    Thank you so much for referencing my post. You are so right. Friendships are an essential part of a woman’s life. I wouldn’t be here without mine. Love post. Annie xx (PS I am actually drinking a cup of ginger & lemon tea as I type).

    • Jane says:

      I believe the tea is very refreshing in summer too. I like cold peppermint tea in the summer. Stuffed with mint leaves.
      I am fascinated there are women who do not have and cannot undestand the need, or value for a BF.
      I must rest a bit today the pain surged a bit over night but look at allthe glorious sunshine.
      Are you on then norh or south side? I am just southside.
      ooo look EKKA winds…lol

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