Happy Haiku Wednesday

read more 5-7-5 here

This week’s theme: H O R I Z O N

I see a white yacht
beyond the horizon blue
I am at anchor


About Jane

Living through writing and Writing through life.
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4 Responses to Happy Haiku Wednesday

  1. Well done Jane! Welcome aboard; we are happy to have you! See you next week on Wednesday?

    • Jane says:

      Hi Jenn,
      thanks for the warm welcome, and yes I expect to be there again next week.
      I have begon thinking already.
      I hope to be doing other link visits tonight.

  2. Liz says:

    Lovely Jane!

    We must be on a similar wave length. I wrote a Haiku last week for a writing blog, but didn’t post it because I thought it was too corny! I’ll email it to you!

    Feel better! It’s going to be 100 degrees here today!


    • Jane says:

      Liz, I’d love to read it. Don;t melt in that heat, we have heaters on tonight. Have oyu subscribed to my blog? The it can turn up in your
      email or reader if you use one, Google or Yahoo.
      Love readers.

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