that’s what friends are for

this was going to be 10 5 Things I love

(as inspired by Renee)

but it changed in my head & heart over night


I am most thankful for women who care for other women: this is a constant thought in my life but somewhat heightened by the care I have been receiving in recent weeks as I have struggled with a bad bout of flu (made complicated by my heart situation) & now this horrendous shoulder pain thing.

Women: some young, & newly married, others amongst my peers, & some inbetween have bought me meals, lots of yummy soups, taken me to medical appointments, picked up shopping, come & visited, washed dishes, cleaned etc.

They have been gracious & supportive.  They have made the struggles a little less isolating.

Friends arcoss the world have been reaching out via emails, comments, twitter etc. Most of these women I have never met, had limited contact with yet there concern & well wishes mean so much.

I loved this image I found through google images

Another example: a ‘darling’ friend of mine,

(more about her on Tuesday: I have a post schedule now – gotta love 31DBBB)

…travelled with a young friend’s mother for several hours, & for the first time this much troubled mum was able to unburden herself including shedding some tears. My friend just listened. I rang into the middle of this trip & this mum got to hear that the sharing of concerns takes place beyond herself,  & in a quite natural way.

Never mind the studies & the science the truth is, for  women it holds true that a problem shared is a problem halved. No solutions were offered, no quick fix found however the mum feels better for the sharing.

The words nurture * serve * empower (I wrote about them here) are active in my life: for the moment I am on the receiving end.

My firmament is generously scattered.

a little cheer me up quote just arrived from a sisterly-friend

“If the claws didn’t retract, cats would be like Velcro”

and yes, we really ought to end this post with this great song.


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10 Responses to that’s what friends are for

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    • Jane says:

      Thanks so much for referencing my post. I enjoy your post and insights…Friendship is an interesting subject for women, there are those that have it & see the quintessential element it is in their lives; those that don’t just don’t get it.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Jane!

    I’ve been reading you, but haven’t had the right words to tell you that I’m sorry you are not feeling well. Please know that I think of you when you post, because I get it in my email. I’m praying that this flu leaves you soon and that you are back to yourself again!


  4. Awww…what a wonderful post! All my friends live in my computer, too! And thanks for posting the song as well. This was a wonderful and heart-warming post!

    • Jane says:

      Isn’t that the cutest image that I found, it sure made me smile. I thought how right it was. I am glad you enjoyed the post, I hope you can get back here
      again, I am sure I have been to your blog, but the ill health has me a bit uncertain, so I am off to check it out.
      dont forget to keep smiling…

  5. I’m so glad you have friends helping you through a tough time. Your post made me smile, and I needed that today. Thank you!

    • Jane says:

      So glad to help you through a day of struggle, you surely have a huge load on you, but I suspect your shoulders are broad.
      I hope at the end of 31DBBB you can get a good rest to make you strong as you go in to Fall and cooler weather.
      I’m a tad behind but getting there in the challenge. Was sad to have to cancel attending the ProBlogger Training
      Darrin was so kind re my need to pull out.

  6. Marg says:

    As soon as I saw your post title that song popped into my head.

    Hope your injection works today.

    • Jane says:

      our comment made me smile. Before the injection I had worked up a good level of stress: sooo not needed. I felt silly it was so easy.
      The steroid will kick in in 48 hours. But tomorow I have a new found relative coming by with my fav cookies. Keep warm.

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