Moasic Monday

Little Red House has more MMs for your to enjoy including her beautiful Vintage Summer mosaic

*there will be a 2 week break as the end of summer is ushered through: Northern summer, I’m in winter

I have been showing you views from my balcony in all kinds of weather

here it is in typical Brisbane winter weather

which looks the same as typical summer weather, except the tree would be greener & humidity is invisable.


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7 Responses to Moasic Monday

  1. anuradha Varma says:

    Oh my, what a gorgeous mosaic..I really like your blog..hope you can stop by My Dream Canvas

  2. Bernie says:

    My favourite tree … you’re so lucky you get to see this when it’s in full bloom right outside your balcony. Looks like you’ve been getting some blue-sky days down there … I’m up here in the north and we’ve had lots and lots of miserable overcast dreary days. Not at all what winter is usually like for us. It’s also been slightly warmer than the norm … most days have been between 25 and 28 deg C … no winter at all up here really.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Bernie, I have a friend in Cairns and she is still running a fan – through winter. But it’s not the air con.
      Power bills up there must be crazy.
      Love your Monday Mosaic. But oo not sure about all your little house visitors…do they eat your garden?

  3. Snap says:

    Lovely views from your balcony!

    • Jane says:

      I am really blessed to have them and no high rise will be built in front of me so a double scoop. Thanks for coming by, I will post photos as the tree comes into bloom, I am off to visit your blog now.

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