The Park is back!

New Farm Park online

This is great news, many young families plan days out to this great park. It was missed during the work but now we can all rush back there…

The NFP Playground has re-opened after a very protracted period of the upgrade, expansion and re-development of all its facilities. Council have remodelled the logical entry point with now some well defined entry paths, leading to well positioned table and bench settings and exciting new BBQ facilities. The family friendliness of this part of NFP has been greatly enhanced. In regards to some of the new, very innovative and quite testing activity pieces, there are bound to be favourites.  NFP has regained its high ranking status as hosting one of Brisbane’s best Playground facilities.

New Farm Park is located at 137 Sydney Street, New Farm. lt is 15.007 hectares in size. lt is bounded by the Brisbane River to the south, and Brunswick, Sydney and Lamington Streets to the north, west and east. lt comprises the whole of Lots P1 02967.

The Park is situated in a bend of the Brisbane River at the southern extremity of the New Farm Peninsula on generally flat, old alluvial deposits. The land has a slight rise
away from the river bank. The river bank has been stabilised.
The Park comprises lawns, rose gardens, substantial tree plantings, children’s play areas, a bandstand, playing fields and library. lts position on a bend of the river provides the presence of water with its restful qualities and access via the river ferry service. The trees provide dense shade, a spectacular display and carpet of blossoms and together
with the extensive rose plantings create a seasonal pattern of colour. The 1915 Federation style bandstand is still used for regular band recitals bringing music to the Park and its surroundings. There are attractive views within the park, outwards across the river and towards the towers of the city. The park attracts native birds (rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, kookaburras, kingfishers, koels, channel-billed cuckoos, blue-faced honey eaters),
possums and bats.

Tai Chi classes in the Park every Saturday.

Farmers Markets are next on the 14th August and then again on the 28th August.

what memories do you have of the children’s playground?

or what plans…


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