Photohunter 223

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h a n g i n g

seed pods hanging from a jacaranda tree near the edge of my balconyin about 2 months this tree will be alive with mauve flowers.


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21 Responses to Photohunter 223

  1. Hootin' Anni says:

    I’ve seen these trees in full bloom in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona…they are gorgeous!!!

  2. upto6only says:

    oh flowers great. your balcony would a beautiful place to rest as soon as the flowers blooms

  3. beautiful capture for hanging!

  4. Lesley says:

    Oh, to be on your balcony with the scent of the jacaranda…
    (I’ve always like saying the word jacaranda, pity they don’t grow where I live!)

  5. Lola says:

    We’re fortunate enough here in Andalucia to have lots of Jacaranda trees which are truly magnificent when in bloom! Quite my favourite flowering tree!

    Beautiful image – and love yr blog too! Will be back to read through earlier posts…


  6. Sassy Mom says:

    I bet that would be stunning!

    Here’s my hanging entry.

    • Jane says:

      I hope you will come back to see, or come back sooner.
      I plan to set the tripod up on the balcony and snapture away…

  7. I love all the stages of a jacaranda’s growth! The boughs (and pods) hang so magically!

    • Jane says:

      there is a park near me with a ring road and the Jacarandas form an arch and so when they are in bloom it is all very stunning.
      thanks for visiting, hope you can make it back this way. I’m off to see your world…

  8. luna miranda says:

    it will be gorgeous with flowers.

    • Jane says:

      please come back and see, for sure I will be taking a lot of photos as the flowers bloom. Hey come back even before then.

  9. stanley says:

    there’s a prob w your photohunt link at tnchick.

    I wonder what those flowers will look like…

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