Is there Life after Masterchef?

tonight is the penultimate episode of this culinary mega series.

From next week after 7:30pm the evening is going to be yours & mine, again

tonight the final 3: Adam, Callum & Claire prepare a meal for Australia’s Governor General.

What are we going to do each night from next week?

Let’s decide right now that we are not going to slump into depression, nor eat our way through withdrawal.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

*Have dinner parties to test our cooking of the food we have watched being made.
Each guest or couple to make one course
(Make sure each place setting has a score card and black pen at the ready)
Obviously the least impressive efforts win the right  to wash all the dishes.

*Rebuld our nearest and dearest relationships.

*Rediscover books.

*Commence a post MC exercise/weightloss  program (invite Gary George and Matt to join us)

*Rediscover our neighbourhood through evening walks.

*Learn to temper chocolate


Eat out.

*Catch up on all the movies we missed during the season.

*Dust under couches,  beds etc.

*Catch up on the ironing & anything else that you have fallen behind in

*Get our lives ready for Junior Masterchef…

‘Over the course of the series, the junior super cooks will battle it out in the MasterChef Kitchen, facing challenges ranging from the technical to the spectacular, and astounding Australia with their amazing skills. They will be inspired and guided by some of the country’s top chefs, and challenged to be the best they can be – proving to Australia that when it comes to cooking, age does not matter.’




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8 Responses to Is there Life after Masterchef?

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  2. a-m says:

    For one who has never watched an episode, life goes on for me as usual. It’s been fun just watching the mad tweeting on masterchef nights though! A-M xx

    • Jane says:

      you could visit the web site and check out the recipies. There is a Junior version coming up…8-12 year olds. Said to be amazing.

  3. Lojo says:

    Hi Jane. I am visiting via the 31DBBB challenge. Nice to drop in!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen MasterChef– I don’t think we get it in Canada. I have gotten into a few other cooking shows though. My ex boyfriend was a fan of that Chef Ramsey show and I got suckered into watching episode after episode last year. I admit that I sorta kinda started to like it. Even if the only food product I am interested in making is a jug of Tang. 🙂

    Have a great day, Jane. Happy blogging!

    • Jane says:

      thanks for the visit. It has been a 14 week process.

    • Jane says:

      While Gordon Ramsey has many fans I am not one of them, I object to his language. I do like Jaime Oliver, we are seeing the USA series now. And Masterchef Junior is coming soon. The main event has 2 guys in the final Adam is 31 been living in Japan, and Callum 20 an amazing young man that has gone from strength to strength.

  4. Annieb25 says:

    I’m actually looking forward to Masterchef ending so I can reclaim my nights. I feel like I’m committed to the television 6 nights per week. I might actually get to wash my hair a bit more and I might even start cooking tea for my teenagers again 😉

    • Jane says:

      yes it gets that ways doesn’t it Annie, and with Junior coming along..for me I have a chef in the family so its very interesting
      and I dont have children at home.

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