{10 lessons I have learnt}

  1. There is probably another way of doing something/anything. like on a MS computer there are about 3 ways to do a given task. Develop the ability to think laterally.

*If you cannot do it after trying everything, it’s ok to ask. I had no choice, oh yes I did I could have sat & cried.

*Can you help me? Is the best way to begin asking…I read this something where 20+ years ago and it works. The 1st time I used it I had just been told you need 4 new tyres for your car, it’s serious..(I had no money) I replied…can you help me? It was arranged for me to pay off the tyres in instalments.

oops I forgot to say this is Day 2 of 31DBBB via FrogBlog & ProBlogger

2. Will it matter if you start later, stay shorter, leave earlier if that’s all you can do?People appreciate the effort, so have a go, but if you can’t then tell them you tried.  Develop & show a pattern of trying as much as you can.

3.  Preparation is never wasted. As in N E V E R. I have found this to be the case, especially mental preparation. I don’t know why it is this way but it is.

4. Time cures all ills, or time fixes everything or for goodness sakes just wait, compose yourself to patience: it’s true.
Look around you, oh go on look!

5. You WILL have something, some ability that someone needs. You will get to be a giver.Promise.

6. If you take care of the little stuff your will be able to take care of big stuff. Time has proven this to me; go on argue with me…I dare you.

7. There is ALWAYS someone worse off/sadder/sicker/more heartbroken than you. You are not going to challenge this one are you? …you are on thin ice…very thin

8. There is humour in everything.  Find it.  Embrace it. Share it. You might not see it til later,ever much later but it’s there.  I can find humour even when on a post surgical ventilator, or so I am told. The notes I wrote are evidence…

9. Prepare for the worst; expect the best – then just get on with it. (Dare I say ‘move forward’) wise words from a wise cardiologist. Not the moving forward bit, that’s political commentary for the 2010 Australian Federal election.

10. On the bad days plan; on the good days do. This is my own credo (Latin for “I Believe) gained from a life of illnesses & the consequences of them, as well as the surgeries along the way. I taught my father, & then my mother this approach for in their last years.

What have you learnt  from your life experiences?…

(by the way: I am improving, health wise: good thing you are not here to hear the cough ewww. Thanks for concern via phone, email, twitter & other places. Also for prayers, good vibes candles etc )


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4 Responses to {10 lessons I have learnt}

  1. I so LOVE this list! I’m a big analyzer of what I learn almost every day. I might even start vlogging weekly and just chat about what I’ve learned, because if we don’t internalize life and our lessons, then what’s the point? We get to learn the lesson all over again. My favorite one, and one I whoel-heartedly believe, is “You WILL have something, some ability that someone needs. You will get to be a giver.Promise.” Cheers!

    • Jane says:

      oh hello, it’s you! Thanks for the visit and comment. Stephen Covey talks about turn around teaching: the need to teach (in some form) that which we have learnt
      in order to reinforce the lesson for us/in us.
      I have been amazed at the skills I have acquired over the years as illness bought seemingly endless detours to my life
      and then to find those very skills are needed by others. Now if I old just get someone to pay me for the VA services I render…
      …a last thought the number of people who contact me after some expereince and say I thought of you, then I thought if Jane can do this I can do this…
      your visit has given me a boost. thanks. 8 sleeps to ProBlogger Training…

  2. gnomeangel says:

    Number 7 really speaks to me. No matter what happens I always try to remember that there is always someone out there doing it harder than I am, so I should give thanks for the blessings that I have.

    Great list!

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