{Day 1: the elevator pitch}

“An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds or 100–150 words).” —Wikipedia

I  have been asked about the 3 words that appear under the name of this blog.

Nurture * Serve * Empower

What are they? What do they mean? Why are they there?

1st a little about how they came into my life. This triumvirate clarified for me at the end of a search for direction in my life.

I was just a few weeks beyond open heart surgery; surgery that not only gave me life, but changed the life I had had. In every way.

Faced with a life I had not expected, let alone prepared for I was given the opportunity to undertake a couple of little courses. The medium was a book and they were designed to take 50 minutes per subject. *Crisp Book Series

The final in the series I completed took me 6 weeks, rather more than the 50 minutes. I took it very seriously. Somehow I understood it could change my life as powerfully as the surgery had.

In August 2000 I received 2 artificial valves, placed inside my heart; they are steadily ticking away. As 4th open heart op it was designed to ensure I would never need another.

During the 6 weeks I interviewed people looking for the difference between living, and living with passion; how they had created lifestyles that enabled them to be true to their particular passion.

As the end of the course neared I could not see how it was going to encapsulate for me.

Again I felt I was the exception to the rule. With associated s i g h s.

You know those sighs, the ones that escape women when they feel resigned to….

As I turned the last pages of the book, I do not recall the exercises but the 3 words appeared in my mind & in my heart:

Nurture serve empower.

It was like some kind of magic.

They have to do with me, they have to do with you, and they have to do with us.

When I am on track in my life, I am actively engaged in rendering service, encouraging empowerment or extending nurturing in one form or another.

I recognise that at times I need to be in receipt of these comforts.

It’s all about giving & receiving.

As I closed the Crisp book (I can’t even recall the title) I recall coming alive and feeling excitement.

I purchased a ring; I don’t wear any other rings.

I wore the ring to remind me: when you are on the path of nurture serve and empowerment then you are heading in the direction of your own true north. Not the north of the compass, the world or others may wish you to have as your direction but my own true north.

I have blogged for years, I have never put those words into any blog header or even posted about them before (that I can recall)

Yet here I put them up there under the title of my blog.

In the days before I even heard of 31DBBB.

In the days prior to stumbling upon ProBlogger I was underway with BBB

Apparently that’s an elevator pitch.

Who knew?

Come read my blog Living @ Number 8 and when you leave you, I hope you will leave feeling

nurtured, empowered and though it may seem strange, you will feel you have been in receipt of service.

And what is service?

Service is doing for another, who cannot at this moment do for themselves.

You also will have had the chance to peek over my shoulder and see how in my life I receive that which I seek to give.

And you know how that works right?

Cast your bread upon the waters, go on I dare you.


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