{8 suggestions}

Got the flu? the comon cold or other illness that has you trapped in the house.

8 suggestions to pass the time of day

1. Take photos of birds in the trees outside (But remember by the time you get up from your chair (assuming you were not coughing when you 1st spotted the bird ) it might be gone.  Leave the camera handy…

2. Notice your PJs are hanging off you & hope this is weight loss.

3. Pretend you can’t see the dishes in the sink.

4. Calculate how many litres of soup you can consume in a week.

5. Wonder how many trees made all those tissues…and wonder why there is never an option offered by the Greens re this – eww don’t talk to me about handkerchiefs. Disgusting.

6. Try to remember the times for all the get-well medications: 1 of these at 10am, 2 of these at 3pm, 1 of these at 3:3o – no dont try this: write it down.

7. Watch the (Australian) Masterchef top 6 on TV & try to guess who is in the final 3. (Finals showing this weel on 10. The grand final will be LIVE)

8. Think about 31DBBB & wonder if 24 days will do it?

9 Have a nap.

oops I seem to have been doing #8. I’m Off to do more…


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