{Paris, Greece & the flu}

flu season has arrived @ Number 8. hack hack. That’s my cough not some weird computer thing going on in the background.

However, because I am stuck at home, on my bed limited by tissues, weakness, and everything tasting really blah, I decided to dream & plan.

Here I am swimming on the island of Skopelos…the one featured in Mamma Mia: the movie.  What? you can’t seem me? Try harder…(Yoda: there is no try, only do) right…

well I can see me there, I a little trimmer now, and I have great stamina. I am on a stamina building program (hey a rose by any other name and all that…) created by my good friend AT. It is somewhat on hold: we had not allowed for the flu.

So there I am, I have 2 swimsuits – I have a choice that way. It’s like having several sets of PJs, but the summer version.

I have a small suitcase, with wheels (did you know in 2000 they um I think in this case they was CNN did a poll to see what was the best invention for the century before had been? Someone suggested the most empowering invention for women, was wheels on a suitcase. Think about it. ) In said suitcase is 1 pair of jeans (ok I have to ask why is jeans a pair? It has a pair of legs but why is one pair of jeans no one jean, 2 t-shirts sans slogos (that there is the flu effect I mean slogans and Logos)

1 pair (& yes it IS a pair) of Nikes,  creaseless blouses (2), pants(trousers) 1, skirt 1, and dress 1. Everything will be in combinations of navy & white, with a flurry of red here or there. Maybe a yellow scarf?

phone, computer, camera, the dreaded medications, a power adapter, 2 sets of earrings:one gold one silver.

I day dream in detail. Can you tell?

**We interupt here to extend birthday greetings to the delightful mama OPE.  Yes I have the flu. Computer planners work. They remind you of stuff. Get one.  A dear dear friend asked me once ‘do you remember my birthdy every year? Or does you computer tell you?’ I answered honestly, because there is no other way to go: My computer tells me BUT I remembered to tell it, in the first place. See what I mean.

Ok…after Greece, or maybe before there is …Paris. (of course)

Carol has been tempting me with Paris Breakfasts for several years: this is her image and you can see more here

and Eric shows us Paris Every day: through his eyes: I love the view.

this might apear to be the Ralph Lauren Paris shop/store/outlet but to me it is my pier d’ terre: ‘foot on the ground’ ie small apartment.  s i g h .

The room with the blue awning & chic balcony with greenery is the room were I will entertain you, we will eat crosissant & chocolate. (read with french accent ma cherie) up the top is the garett where I will complete my best seller writing.  The one that you will show your friends & say ‘I knew her when..’ She blogs you know…

soups on, back later.

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Living through writing and Writing through life.
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