{Prince Charles & the Bastille}

After driving through the new (reduced toll) Clem7 tunnel, it was discovered that the time saved now had to be paid for in car parking fees.

so $12 for the car park, there is no choice if you drive.

plus $3 each way for the Clem7, which I thought was now $2.  So many new tolls here it is hard to keep up.

Departure time:8am

Arrival back @ Number 8: 11am.  Cost:$18.00

Appointment: 9:00am

Test Commenced 9:15am

This snapture is after the test (annual checkup) when the personal details had been removed. There was a 15 minute wait between the echoe cardiograph and the report being ok’d. I had fun moving around & coughing (well that part wasnt so much fun, as essential at the moment) & watching the new patterns in the fluro green heart beat line – you  know the one that always goes flat in movies or tv: if they show it for sure the character is going to die.

I don’t recall being set down here, but I do recall being collected after almost 10 days as a patient, almost 10 years ago.

10th August 2000 was the surgery date, I was admitted the night before, my dad’s birthday. If I have this wrong someone will tell me.

I left with 2 artificial heart valves. They tick. If I sit next to you on a plane, I am going to talk to you, even if you don’t want me to, it’s for your own good: trust me, you don’t want to hear ticking in a plane.

do you?

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