{it’s not fair}

yes it is a beautiful Brisbane winter’s day outside: blue sky & sunshine. 23C

what’s happening at Number 8?

the hack hack cough has arrived. Sure it’s the 1st time this winter, but it is sunny. outside. today.

Thankfully, there is a balcony.


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5 Responses to {it’s not fair}

  1. Jingle says:

    get well soon!
    cute images!

  2. Coughing drives me crazy! Hope you’re better soon.

  3. I, obviously, am NOT in my right mind. Why don’t we try, “balconies”! ROFL!

  4. Aww Jane, I do hope that nasty coughs disappears soon sweetie. Thank goodness for balconys! I am sitting right inside from one as I type. Loving the weather here in Southwest Washington. Cool today at just under 70 degrees and will be lower to mid-80’s the rest of the week. Perfect temps for this older gal!

    Have a lovely week and hope to find you out-and-about by week’s end dear one. XOXO

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