{weekend cooking} 10th July 2010

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Here at Number 8 there were 2 house guests this weekend.

Friday night, at a certain point  a message re their location was recieved . This was the prompt for an order for Thai food from one of the best places in Brisbane.  There are 2 locations for Thai Orchard.

The guests exited the freeway & collected the yummy food . They eventually arrived. I say eventually as they kind of got lost during what ought to have been the last 5 minutes of the trip.

Another message was recieved: can you come outside and wave. As I reached the gate I saw them U-turning and leaving my street.

In due course we we all settled down to enjoy the thai cusine.

The next morning, after fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh parsley & crispy bacon the guests headed off to the Abby Medieval Delights .

A  slow cooker


was prepared, however,  the haricot beans were overlooked. .  But what a delicious sounding word.

Served it with Cauliflower au gratin (a chic & delightful place to learn a little about french cooking: as Kim write’ all of the elegance none of the fuss’) it was a warm hearty meal.

Photogrpahs were again forgotten, however here is the left over au gratin,  eaten at lunch time.

Prior to departure  creamy Greek Yogurt and fresh Queensland strawberries were indulged in.  The onset of  smelling & tasting fish meant a migraine had suddenly struck. The required medication was taken & a long sleep eliminated the day. Upon awkening from the migraine sleep there is the desire to eat triangle cut ham sandwiches: there is no explanation for this. But alas no ham, so cold canned peaches had to do.  Again, who know why? But they worked…

like this, but with ham.


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2 Responses to {weekend cooking} 10th July 2010

  1. Beth F says:

    What a great culinary tale! Lots of yummy food. Too funny about standing outside and waving so your friends (and Thai dinner) could make it home!

    I pretty much *always* forget to take photos while cooking and before eating. I need to get better about that.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to the new to me blog Easy French Food. I’ll be back there again and again.

    (I don’t know know what’s with Mr. Linky, but I took off your “late again” note

  2. Marg says:

    Cassoulet sounds tasty, and my son loves cauliflower au gratin, so I think it would have been a hit in our house!

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