{weekend cooking}

a little late…

(hey I was out living life)

check out more foodies here

I hardly ever eat potato but they seem to be in several recent posts.

I decided my body needed some iron so I bought a steak (sorry if you are vegetarian, I’m not)

High protein foods like:
Red meats

Egg yolks

Beans like lima, pinto, kidney

Peas such as green split, or lentils
When you eat foods that contain more vitamin C – like those below, you will increase the body’s absorption of iron from foods.
Oranges or orange juice
Grapefruit or grapefruit juice
Tomatoes or tomato juice
Kiwi fruit

this is a list of the foods I like & will eat.


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One Response to {weekend cooking}

  1. Beth F says:

    Thanks for these lists. I knew that vitamin C helped with absorption, but I didn’t know know that oats had iron. That’s good, because I eat oatmeal with fruit a lot (like several times a week).

    Despite the fact that I ate hamburgers this weekend for the July 4 holiday, that photo makes me want to have another one!

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