{weird dreams}

I am struggling through the cold nights we are currently having, not cold like places that get snow, it’s all relative really,  but it’s very cold for this sub tropical area.  Way to much cold for me.

I finally fall asleep as dawn approaches, and this morning I woke suddenly having heard myself say, in a dream, ‘sure if someone’s going to pay for a beach holiday where I can play in the sand with the children…I say go for it’.

even though I’d just shaken off the dream & sleep, I broke out laughing.

I hate sand.


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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One Response to {weird dreams}

  1. A-M says:

    Oh Jane, I am worried that you are not sleeping due to the cold. An oil heater in your bedroom? They’re the cheapest to run. A-M xx
    P.S I hate sand too!

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