{6 word Saturday}

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wintery weekend afternoons need virtual warmth

this is a DVD I bought a few years back for $2.00 it looks & sounds like a real fire roaring away on a chilly afternoon


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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2 Responses to {6 word Saturday}

  1. Call Me Cate says:

    Winter? Chilly? I’d like to at least temporarily trade places with you, just long enough to remember what that feels like. Summer is full-speed ahead here!

    Thanks for playing 6WS and enjoy your fire!

  2. Found you through 6 Word Saturday, often a blog’s least interesting post. Saw your interest in cooking; that’s my focus. Thank you for acquainting me with The Concert. Beautiful. Job’s TED commencement speech; love TED. I took the test, result: 16 right-brain/16 left-brain. I guess that’s why I’m so confused. Enjoyed ‘meeting’ you and will return. Cheers!

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