{six word saturday}

fit your oxygen mask: then help.

this is standard direction before take off, on any airline flight. Seems to me it’s great advice for life. For this week. for now, for me.  How about for you?

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7 Responses to {six word saturday}

  1. Linda says:

    Good advice!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Margaret Ann says:

    My 6 for you…”Terrific life application…Just breathe…Ahhh!”

    HAppy SWS! 🙂

  3. faerwillow says:

    ~air…breathing…is always a good thing to remember…warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Caroline says:

    Great six words !!

    Happy 6WS

  5. Caty says:

    wow, never thought about it that way! Great and thought provoking six words. Happy Saturday!

  6. Hootin' Anni says:

    Clear the air so to speak!! I like it.

    Here’s mine…Saturday’s post Do come by to say hi, if you can.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    First things first, then things work!

    Tripping to Panama!

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