{mini aha moment}

  1. If I don’t go down (I’m in an apartment) to the letterbox there WILL be mail.
  2. The sound for an incoming facebook message sounds the same as the oven timer.
  3. While appliances do need to be plugged in, they also need to be turned on.
  4. The kitchen floor is best cleaned on hands & knees as it is only 2 -2.5 tiles wide.
  5. There IS a difference between low and high on a slow cooker.

What have you learnt/learned? (take your pick)


About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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One Response to {mini aha moment}

  1. Whenever someone is quite heavy on my heart or they are permeating my thoughts, they either call, email, come across me while I’m out-and-about or are mentioned to me by a mutual contact!

    Thanks for provoking my stagnant thoughts this evening Jane!


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