{yes to tall poppies}

Australia has been celebrating the achievements of 16year old Jessica Watson who has just completed sailing around the world single handedly.  An amazing achievement for ‘an ordinary girl’ who set goals and worked towards them. As she and her pink yacht Ella neared the Sydney harbor heads a fuss broke out in the media as claims were made that she had not in fact sailed ‘around’ the world.

When she heard these reports Jessica asked ‘where have I been for 210 days if not sailing alone around the world?

She did not do it for the record; she did it for the love of wanting to.  She had a dream, set a goal and reached it.

Her accomplishment bought out the scythes of the tall poppy syndromers.

There is a perverse attitude in Australia, referred to as the tall poppy syndrome: achieve something, anything beyond the average and green eyed monsters will want to cut you down to size. Jealousy, envy, low self esteem, who knows the basis for the attitude?

Yet it remains. It even rears its ugly head in blog land.

People blog for many reasons: I am sure you can make your own list, they are as varied as the reasons you read blogs.  So take a moment and think of 5.

Yes, as I said reasons are as varied as bloggers and blog readers. I am a blogger and a blog reader.

Some blogs have thousands of hits per day some very few. Yet the bloggers blog on. Apparently blogging does something for the blogger as well as the reader.

There are businesses run from blogs, you can see links to some of them on the right side of this blog (if you are reading in a reader you will need to actually go to my blog to see them – it’s worth the trip. )

If I blog about something that you blog about, does that make your blog better than mine or vice versa?  No.

As we know there are many versions of the same event. To any given circumstance we bring our own personal experience, our own interpretation, our own life-value filter.

Thus what I see and blog will be different from what you see and blog, even though we shared the same event.

If I commence blogging about one particular thing/event/process and my blog evolves into something else or becomes about 2 things and your blog about one of them do I need to stop?

How big is the Blog-stage?

How big is the internet/cyber space.?

How long is a piece of string?

Tall poppy syndrome does not need to exist anywhere. It does not need to exist in relation to a fantastic 16 year old girl with big dreams; it certainly does not need to exist in blog-land.  Blog shots and nasty comments are uncalled for.

Those that seek to cut down our beautiful tall poppies only make themselves smaller for their efforts.

No one’s happiness is built on another’s unhappiness.

Let’s water, mulch and tend our poppies so they grow tall and majestic no matter where they are planted:yes even in cyber space.  This is a place we can all share.


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