space bags

having threatened myself ( I am not sure with what) I finally managed to pack my summer clothes into a medium sized space bag (I have a very small wardrobe & I have never ever packed seasonal clothes away before) . Whammo or is that TaDarrr?  It worked, the vac sucked all the air out and look what I was left with (last picture)

on a roll I prepared the Large size space bag with linen and 2 spare blankets.  It was so amazing!  I forgot to snapture it,  I had climbed up on my new safe step-ladder and heaved the bag up into the wardrobe uppershelf, and then had a coughing fit: snapturing slipped my mind. I was amazed. I fitted heaps of stuff on top of the bags and I felt so good.   l am now 3/4 through the assigned task (assigned by me to me). I can glow all day knowing I did it!

what have you finally managed to get done?


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3 Responses to space bags

  1. Space Savers Correspondent says:

    Hi there,
    So glad to hear Space Bags helped you get organized! Getting seasonal clothes packed up and out of the closet can definitely help open up some much needed wardrobe room. Just wanted to let you know about our online community, Space Savers. Members get discounts on Space Bag products and can share stories about how they use the product. Feel free to check it out and use the contact form if you need to get in touch.

    Best, your Space Savers correspondent.

  2. A-M says:

    Oh I knew you would ‘space bag post’. Well done. I have packed a box of teacups and coughed up half a lung. A-M xx

  3. Marg says:

    You know I never get around to finally doing anything!

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