A-M’s for morning tea

Prior to plans for tomorrow’s great sale (which I think is actually today now)

A-M invited me for morning tea.

Rachael, Boutique Designers Market Curator at Portside Wharf had already arrived

Beforehand we were treated to a sneak peak of all the goodiesfor sale

4 of us sat down to delights from Balmoral Bakery

(ok that’s A-Ms legs, to the left)

AMANDA from Oliveaux popped in

the pool area is a delightful in real life, even after rain, as one would expect. (Yes, thats a pool cleaner, in real life pools have to be kept clean)

The creator of Cape Cod Designs, is as charming & friendly as you would imagine. Delightfully energetic & passionate about her passions: family, home, all things Cape-Cod & bloggy-blog land.

thanks A-M

I came home with a few little tinkets.  More about them later.


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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One Response to A-M’s for morning tea

  1. A-M says:

    Oh it’s all gone now! … to good homes. Thank goodness – less to pack. A new journey begins. Thanks for coming to visit. What a blast – meeting my imaginary friends ….who are now so real! A-M xx

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