completely ordinary Jess.

a pretty amazing achievement by a pretty amazing girl

if you are else where in the world you may not have heard of this remarkable 16 year old girl

she arrived home today, just 2 days before her 17th birthday. She sailed around the world in 210 days, alone,unassissted.

“I am still just Jess,” she said Friday

“That’s really important to me because I am. I am completely ordinary. That’s the thing. I just put a lot of effort in, had a great team around me and I think that goes to show you don’t have to be anyone special to achieve something big. You just have to want it.”

Read her last sentence again, and pin it up in your children’s bedroom. (this stement was in the article)

We are, by nature, hard to win over. Not so much cynical as difficult to impress. Every now and then, though, we soften.

It happened at an Olympics 10 years ago. At an America’s Cup 17 years before that.

When two miners were pulled alive from a shaft in Beaconsfield we gathered around our TV sets to watch and, when they came to the surface,
we all gave a little cheer inside.

Like Makybe Diva driving for three straight Melbourne Cups, the grandstand on her back, they are moments that thrill and unite.

It is not often that someone grabs this country by the front of its shirt and pulls us up as one.

Today, Jessica Watson does that.

read Australian News here & Gallery here



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