my saturday

Even though I have lived in New Farm twice,  and have scootered past, bussed past, driven past, been driven past, & walked past  I have never been inside


I have read Anna’s blog absolutely beautiful things for forever (or so it seems)

read references to her work on other blogs, and drooled over many many images of her work, not to mention her window displays. (No doubt Brunswick St traffic flows better now I have moved)

I have never ever been in the shop.

Then this appeared:

I was late, the rush was largely over, yet I found some great fabric – $2/$3 – (blues & whites: my apartment is all blue & white) and a couple of lamp shades for just $10. They are still in the car, so no photo.  I also found this great rolling pin – $5!!! I love it.

I fell in love with these cushions as soon as I saw them: the flat cover on top the polka dot cushion, is for me to unpick and use to recover one of the afore mentioned lampshades. This is to be my Summer 2010 look, and a task I will work on through the winter evenings.

As I left I exchanged a few words with with the lovely Anna, and I’d like to wish her well with her forth coming ventures, especially the baby. Love her boy’s name:Harry. My dad’s name too, so kinda special to me.We are awaiting the arrival of a baby in our family, I wonder which will get here 1st.


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