bye bye Georgy Girl

“She lived, loved and worked harder than ever before. The endless memories she created as a mother, grandmother, writer, actor and friend will sustain us for the rest of our lives”.

a vital and popular member of Britain’s Redgrave dynasty, died Sunday night. She was 67 and had waged a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Speaking on behalf of her children – Ben, Pema and Annabel, who were with her – Redgrave’s publicist Rick Miramontez, confirmed to The Associated Press that Redgrave died peacefully at her home in Connecticut.

She is the younger sister of Oscar-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave and the aunt of the late actress Natasha Richardson.

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One Response to bye bye Georgy Girl

  1. So sorry to hear this news about anyone, but I do so LOVE the Redgrave women and I did SO enjoy Georgy Girl!

    Thank you for sharing my friend. I would have been none-the-wiser if not for your post.


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