simple & strange

I was at my daughter’s home, and we were all sitting around her large dinning table eating – home made waffles actually – and on the table to my left I saw a book

(photo taken with my phone)

A book from my childhood.  My mind raced back & I remembered how much I loved the book, and the story

I didn’t remember the actual story just the love of  it.

So I opened the book…

and this was the 1st page

I was astounded.  I read it again, I thought there could be no way they chose this book at random

the next page revealed more…

My goodness.  I began ballet lessons aged 4.  The memory I have is that I was permitted to commence when I knew left from right. But now I wonder.

An almost fatal bout of meningitus when I was 6 months old, left me with weak legs.

I complained of aching legs all my childhood.

I was forever told dont run around with no shoes, slippers, sox on or you will suffer later.

and sure enough I did. Badly. and often.

I read all the books I buy for anyone. I never thought that my mother or father, or both had done the same when choosing books for me.

ANd how amazing that someone had written this book. And that it found it’s way into our lives.

I danced seriously -exams and all – until I was 15, when an accident tore the cartiledge in my left leg. The weakest one. I now take large daily doses of glucosomine.

For several days now I have thought about this book, the thoughts behind it’s selection and influence upon me

I understand it all. I would have done the same. I do the same.

It is all based on love.

but you know there is no way little girls that age wear toe shoes


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3 Responses to simple & strange

  1. Valerie says:

    Maybe there is a book written by yourself there. Hmmm. I had severe asthma and still do as a child and was told not to take any dance lessons as I would have an attack. I missed that opportunity very much. A few years ago I took country line dancing. I was in the front row every week. I just loved it and no attacks either. I guess they had to be careful back when. Valerie

  2. valery says:

    Awww– I had that same book and remember it fondly- also one called”Tina the Ballerina”-with a matching 45 record to listen too!LOL. -Did you have this one too? It is a story about little Tina the Ballerina who broke her leg and could not dance…such wonderful memories these old books hold.-xo


  3. Wendy says:

    What a tender mercy!!!!

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