They were wrong

Back here I posted about my current Australia Post problem here at my new home.

However there is/was another…

Australia Post...I begin to think this is an oxymoron

Case in point:

I have been expecting a package.

It had not arrived .

1. Visited local Post Office. It’s not there, they say visit your old local post office.

2. Visit old local Post office (good thing it is not too far away)

3. Explain, calmly & patiently. I wait. A ‘quick’ look reveals nothing. I agree to hang around while they look some more.

4. I eat lunch at the park.

5. I drop pleading note into my old address letter box.

6. Return to post office. I even call the sender for mailing details.

Package left Sydney on 22nd March. March? It’s April now.

7. Post Office work had no success.They PROMISE me they 2nd package reminder slip WILL turn up at my new address.

9. Good Friday new tenant at old address calls. He HAS the 2nd reminder slip!!

Easter comes and goes.

Tuesday 7am: I am at my old local Post office.  I tell story, relay message from new tenant.

The guy looks. the guy FINDS my package.

It is 6th April the package has been sitting there waiting since 24th March.

I paid, as we all do, for the redirection service.

redirection service – australia post – oxymoron?

(oxymoron: conjoining contradictory terms – as in `deafening silence’)

what would you do?


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