Brunch @ Treetops

just popping this in here for the Lovely Ladies of Victoria.

I invited them to join me for a casual brunch at my new apartment. which I seem to have named Treetops.

(if you can think of a better word for being up here amongst the tops of trees please leave me a comment, to consider)


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3 Responses to Brunch @ Treetops

  1. So sorry I didn’t make it to brunch, but I did enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures. Thanks for giving a look at the underside of the plate, too. The blue and white print is very elegant.


  2. Miss Peach says:

    Oh dear Jane! How quaint and delightful our time here with you will be…I see Lorrie and Miss Vicki will be joining us…how wonderful…thank you kindly for the invitation

  3. Lorrie says:

    Thanks for the invitation. Your plates are beautiful – but then I love anything blue and white. Treetops is a lovely name for your home.


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