stones & syndromes

my little collection.

‘Leave no stone unturned’ :Euripides

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syndrome: generally, a pattern of characteristics or behaviors occurring together, that are sufficiently common and distinctive to indicate that they are due to a known cause.

I am sure you have heard of empty-nest syndrome, or suffered it. And you have heard of Orphans: people without parents (for a range of reasons) of any age

Last night after the movie, over a Grill’d Burger MS and I talked.

Upon reflection I see there is a pattern of characteristics or behaviors occurring together’

and today I did the math 1+ 1 =2

I came up with


Oooh ENOS I like that, as the name of a syndrome I mean, not the HAVING IT.

(I cant seem to turn off the italic funcion)

So what is ENOS?

Empty Nest Orphan Syndrome.

my chicks have flown, now have their own nests, and baby chicks as well

my parents have left life’s stage and thus for now, I am an Oprhan.

It’s not listed in Wikipedia, yet.

Lastly, Bobbie, who girl who loves to talk…

has been having troubles with dreams. She is always looking for someone or something.

(scroll down to Monday 18th January)

Apparently I featured last night, and yes she was looking for me.

I suggested she look for a common thread between all the things/people she was searching for, to see if this threw some light on a subject.

Frankly, I am having enough of a challenge with my ENOS, so featuring in other people’s dream is kind of overtime.

…and Bobbie, I thought you looked very refined today.


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