Introducing:the 200 day plan

I had the delight of a really great conversation with my daughter on Christmas evening.

I had been thinking about 2010 and some things I want to achieve, which is not the same as making resolutions.

Interestingly resolutions seem to be always about giving up something.

Reading Bobbie’s post on the subject, I clicked on the link to Christine Kane’s blog she had posted.

I liked the discussion, though didn’t agree with everything, but that’s ok

in life we need to pick and choose from here and there to build the world we want and need.

I liked the one word concept. Skimmed through her list.

I see now, she has creativity listed. However I had chosen, (before NYE)

this word to be my focus in 2010

I made a little list of things I want to create. (many are underway)

My home

My Book

My Children’s Book

My Garden/courtyard

With serendipitous harmony, this fitted with my daughters concept of a

200 day plan

a serious self-made program to create the life one ought to have.

an attempt to create a life devoid of ‘the I wish I had/If only I….’

To imbed serious substantial quality into time and space.

This is day one.

can I last? Can I achieve?

Yoda: there is not try there is only do.


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