My Best

what a boring banner jane – re do it! yes I will.

Best Decision: to move back to the city

Hardest decision: to buy a car

Best find: filing cabinet on wheels

Best Movie: The Young Victoria

Most annoying: AVG 9 upgrade

Most irritating: flu cough (weeks of it)

Best flu cough Buddy: A-M

Most inspirational: peoples confidence in me/My daughter

Most motivational: walking

Most mental stimulation: the walking talks with M

Best fun: taking the 2nd Miss 5 out.

Best Nic name: ‘the hug lady’

Most Delight: MY daughter, her husband and 3 daughters.

Fav. TV show: Master Chef

Most Fun: getting my iphone (while I had the flu)

Best Photo: frozen orange

Best Look: as ‘Mame’ with a fabulous fascinator

Best online purchase: my bookcase

Worst rip off: Garden Umbrella bought on line

Cutest Purchase: white bag with navy bow.

Most Blog chuckles: Millie and MOTH

Best Book: ‘The Uncommon Reader’

Best Book Series: Bernard Cornwall’s Civil War series

Best food: healthy salad

Best music: Susan Boyle


About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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2 Responses to My Best

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  2. A-M says:

    Oh thank you dear Jane for the mention. Yes the cough… I have one now… just after Christmas Day… stress?…but I have a fever so it’s another %$#@ bug. I love your logo… for 2009… very ’70’s’! Now I must get back to my in-tray. I love this idea of ‘the best’. Might have to steal it and link back to you. … if I ever finish my in-tray.
    A-M xx

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