$50 food challenge

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comments from the mum

Teenagers in the kitchen cooking dinner…a beautiful sight to behold…

the boys have now moved in to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen…

the kids have taken up their $50 a day on meals challenge, and are being very responsible.
They are cooking and cleaning…and I am in mummy heaven…lol

Chicken and mushroom fetticine with mango and avocado salad

Not breakfast we have Weet bix and cornflakes galore. Milk they need to provide and they drink that by the truck load. They plan itheir lunch and dinner menu, I take them shopping. I want them to have a sense of ownnership and responsibility.

Monday night- Bbq chicken salad $35
Tues night -pizza night 6 pizzas got one for free $32
Wed night-chicken and mushroom fettuccine and salad $37

5 x 3ltrs milk @ $3.16 = $15.80

Lunch items for the week
nuttella lge $5.98
bread $8.00
fruit $15.00
cookies ingredients in pantry
wraps12 $3.95
lettuce, tomatoes $5.00

lunch things bought together at the beginning of the week, lunch menu decided between eachother.

Thurs- Taco’s
Fri – shepherds pie
Sat – chicken salad wraps
Sunday-bbq and salad

We actually have two nieces staying with me since Saturday so the $50 is stretching a little further than 7. Girls are 18 and 15…

I have taken the kids shopping each day…we had decided to do the dinners individually to give them a sense of ownership the lunch things were bought at the beginning of the week.

Kids fine tuned their menu on Monday night at Family Night, one of the kids had already been assigned to Monday dinner.


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